Weekend fun

We had a good weekend, it was full, but it was good.

I started off Saturday by getting my hair trimmed. I tell you, I love, love, LOVE my short hair, but sometimes it grows out faster than other times and it just gets shaggy and annoying. So, I feel like I was just in to have it trimmed, but I just had to do something about it. I feel much better now!

We had a gig with Praise Project in the afternoon. Then we went to the roller derby! First time we've made it this season. It was fun, our team lost by only a few points in a very exciting match. I also enjoy people watching at the derby so much, there are all walks of life there let me tell you.

Sunday we slept in, Nate made breakfast and then I set about my big plan for the day - attempting homemade cupcakes. I have been wanting to try making them from scratch for a long time now. Originally I set out to do something much more gourmet than what I ended up doing. I went simple - chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. It was a bit of work, but not too bad and the result was not bad either! I have improvements I can make for next time, but overall I was pleased.

The frosting recipe didn't quite make enough for 24 cupcakes - but I'll double it next time. Well, actually next time I'm going to make vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting, but yeah, I'll double it. And once I get comfortable with basic flavors, I'll attempt other kinds too. It's a fun new hobby to try anyway!

We finished out our weekend by going on a little adventure and picking up BBQ from a place out in Champlin that has had very high ratings online - Q Fanatic. And it was amazingly good and worth the drive. We still brought it home to eat it and while it was a long drive round trip, the food stayed warm enough and it was really tasty! I highly recommend it.

So, it was a fun weekend all around!


Jes said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Alexandra said...

I did some baking, too! I made snickerdoodles. Yummm!!!