Hello December

So wow, it's December 1st! In addition to it being my dad's birthday (Happy birthday Dad!) it truly means we're into the Christmas season and rush. I love Christmas, but in recent years I find it also leads to more and more stress for me as well. I'm not going to let that happen this year. At least I am making it my goal for this year!

Last night I felt that "Panic Monkey" trying to climb up my back a bit when I realized, ack, I have just over three weeks to get my shopping done and I don't know what I'm buying half of my people. But I forced it back down and said, look at it this way - three weeks is actually plenty of time. And there are 24 useful hours in every day and I intend to use as many of them as possible!

My mom and I have our list of cookies to make and will likely start on that next week. My Christmas cards should be arriving today or tomorrow so I can get working on mailing those out.

And as for the shopping? I'm starting that this weekend and I'm going more out of the box this year. I'm not just going to the mall and hoping and praying I find good things.

I am finding myself really wanting to shop locally and handmade a bit more this year - and I have a couple of opportunities to do that. I'm going to go to an event a good friend is part of this weekend called No Coast Craftarama - all local MN artists selling many different things. Then next week, another friend is hosting something called a Bead for Life party - jewelry made by Ugandan women and the proceeds go to support them - I like that concept. If I can help someone else by going to an in home party, I'm all for it.

I also have ideas for gifts that involve the "gift of my time" instead of just things. Isn't that what it should be all about? Apparently my "old age" is making me wiser or something along those lines. Ha ha.

This morning's fresh coating of snow may have made things slippery and difficult for driving, but it put a smile on my face. December is here. Christmas is coming. And I am happy.


Jes said...

Way to go on trying to shop local and giving gifts of time! That is wonderful!!

We'll help each other keep from panicking this year. There is still plenty of time, and we both need to be able to enjoy it!

simplicity said...

I've decided this December to not use the word busy and instead use the word full. It's a full month the trick is keeping it full of life and not full of tasks. :) See you Tuesday!