iCan see clearly now

My title is a play on Apple's iEverything. And why? Because yesterday I got my brand new sparkly iPhone! Ok, it's not sparkly, but it is pretty freaking awesome.

I am beyond excited to finally have a Smartphone. I am also beyond excited to have a phone that actually works decently when I'm in my own house. For whatever reason, most cell phones have not liked working well in my house which ended up with me hardly using it for more than texting. Now people can call me and I'll actually be able to understand them!

I did a lot of research on Smartphones and considered getting a Droid, but they are more expensive, I know people who have had a lot of issues with them and in the end, the iPhone was cheaper and more user friendly for me. And I could not be happier with it.

Anyone have any favorite apps they want to share? (Jes and Gina you are exempt from this exercise since you both have already shared with me your faves) Brownie points if they are free ones! :)


Gina said...

Oh even though I'm exempt, I could give you tons of apps that I love that are free. We should sit down one day and just compare apps. Enjoy your new phone!

Jes said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited about your phone and that it actually works better in your house! That is great!!

simplicity said...

Yay for an iphone. I have a droid so I'm secretly jealous! :)