Never a dull moment

My apologies for the drama of yesterday's post. That was a fun panic filled afternoon, let me tell you. And sadly things still aren't perfect with my Gmail, namely I can't sync it to my iPhone or my Mail app on my laptop at home, so I'm looking into some changes. Nate has purchased the domain Kondrick.com for our use and long ago set me up an email there, I just haven't ever used it. Well, the times they are a changing, I'm going to be migrating over to that as my primary email. If you're in my address book you'll get an email from me about this once everything is all set up. I'm migrating my Gmail to my new email right now and it's going to take a little while. I am also set up to have Gmail forwarded to the new email, so you can still email me there if you wish or if you forget my new email.

There's still the matter of my fashion blog too, but right now it's functional again, so I will take my time on that.

This blog is associated with a different account and I'll maintain it this way regardless of what I do with the other things - we'll just see how things go.

That's my story on all of that. Beyond that, there are five days until Christmas and I am done shopping at least! Now I have to start wrapping. And that's my least favorite part, but it has to get done! Can't very well hand my giftee's their present and say "just shut your eyes" or something to maintain the element of surprise.

On we go.


Alexandra said...

I'm totally done shopping and wrapping!!! (Except for some knitting I'm still working on for Tom.)

I'm in Cookie Mode now. :)

Jes said...

Good luck on the wrapping!