You know, I just don't have much to share on the ole blog these days.

Things are good...I'm not complaining. Really life is just routine right now. We're into the busy holiday season, but so far, it's manageable. So that makes me happy!

I didn't mind the snow we got over the weekend, it was the light, fluffy, pretty Christmas snow.

I got a large chunk of Christmas shopping done on Saturday before the snow fell. It feels good to have a handle on that!

We enjoyed a nice breakfast out yesterday, though I'm bummed that another of our favorite breakfast spots is closing right before the holidays. They lost their lease, but are hoping to open up somewhere else, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Nate decided he wanted to make beef brisket for dinner. I must say time and again, I'm so blessed to be married to a man who loves to cook. It was the best attempt he's made so far - totally delicious.

So really, it's just the day to day and again, that is more than ok.

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Jes said...

Being calm is awesome at this time of year! :)