Christmas bucket list

I've been fighting a cold this week. It's not a severe one. Just enough to be a nuisance. But i haven't let it ruin my Christmas spirit! I was reading a friend's blog and she was describing that her family has a hectic schedule at this time of year, like many of us do, but that she was choosing to look at the days as "full" instead of "busy". Doesn't that sound so much better to say "full"? And that has been how I've been approaching this crazy time of year so far.

She also suggested a December bucket list as to not miss out on any of the good things about this time of year and it has inspired me to make my own "Christmas bucket list". These are things I hope to do in the next 2 1/2 weeks.

1. Watch my favorite Christmas movies - especially Home Alone, a Muppet Family Christmas and Charlie Brown

2. Bake cookies with my mom

3. Finish Christmas shopping and wrap gifts

4. Go drive around and look at lights with Nate

5. Celebrate with Praise Project

6. Celebrate with both sides of our family

7. Spend some time with friends as I'm able

8. Drink Reindeer Blend coffee from Caribou

9. Listen to my favorite Christmas music

10. Finish sending out Christmas cards and reaching out to family and loved ones

It's a pretty manageable list I think! What's on your list?

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