On Giving In

So. I haven't written much these last few days. I have been sick. There. I said it. I was so not wanting to give into it, but by Thursday afternoon I had to give in. It's funny, I am just such a Type A kind of person, I hate admitting that I'm sick and giving into the sickness. I think I even went through the five stages of grief on Thursday -

1. Denial - I feel fine. I am not getting a fever. I'm not freezing cold even when it's 70 degrees in my office. Those are not aches that I'm experiencing. It's must a minor headcold. I am not getting sick!

2. Anger - Man I feel like crap. I am not supposed to be sick at Christmas. I do not have time to be sick. This sucks. I am so pissed off right now!!!

3. Bargaining - If I can just get through Saturday, I'll take all day on Sunday to rest, I swear to it. Just let me get through until Saturday.

4. Depression - *insert fever induced sobs here* I'm so sad and I want to go home and I want my blanket and to curl up in a corner and cry.

5. Acceptance - FINE. You win you stupid fever/virus/cold whatever the heck you are. I will go home. I will take a sick day.

So that is more or less what happened on Thursday (including the crying, no joke, when I have a fever, I cry. I don't know why and it's like I'm powerless to stop it.) I went home and shivered on the couch for awhile, Nate came home and got me some medicine and soup. I took a full sick day on Friday even though the fever was gone and just did my best to "rest" even though I'm really not very good at that.

Now we're at Tuesday and it's pretty much just an annoying cough that is hanging on and will not go away. And I'm told that the cough is the part of this cold that hangs on and on and on...oh well.

And of course, now it appears that Nate has a version of this too, but we're just going to go one day at a time.

12 more days until Christmas...if you see the good health fairy, send her down to our place!


Gina said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. I will hope that Nate's cold is short lived!

Jes said...

{{hugs}} feel better dear <3

simplicity said...

Oh no!! I was living in that denial phase on TH too but thankfully (and knock on wood) it passed!! :) Hope you're feeling better and back in the groove soon, Beth!