I used to be a pretty big fan of the show "ER" when it was on television. And one of the most memorable moments for me was the episode in which the character of Dr. Mark Greene dies from a brain tumor - he has a very touching conversation with his pre-teen daughter in his final moments, saying he wanted to impart some sort of wisdom on her and couldn't figure out the perfect thing and then realized what it was. He says "Generosity. Be generous. Generous with your time. Generous with your love. Generous with the life you have."

Generosity. Seems simple doesn't it? Yet, how many of us can say we are generous with our time, love and life? I know it's something I could work harder on.

Right before Christmas I was witness to something extremely generous - I wanted to get Nate tickets to an event called Winterfest - it's put on by the MN Craft Brewers association and it's a pretty big deal, all sorts of local craft breweries will be there, you get a meal and a chance to sample their best brews. So, I decided this would be a fantastic Christmas present for my homebrewing husband. One problem. Tickets to this event sell out fast because they only sell about 700. And even though I was on the website right when they went on sale, somehow, I could not get through.

I found out that the tickets sold out in five minutes. Maybe even less. They started showing up on Craigslist right away for double their value, even triple in some cases. I love Nate very much, but I didn't want to spend THAT much more on his Christmas present. I had resigned myself to come up with something else. And then something happened.

I had friends who did manage to get tickets. And when they heard I did not they said "You know what? We'll sell you our tickets at face value. None of our friends were able to get tickets so it would just be the two of us and we figured, Nate would appreciate this more because he brews beer and will get a lot of value out of going and trying out the different beers." I asked them more than once if they were sure and they said yes and that if I didn't want them they'd probably just put them up on Craigslist anyway. So, I thought about it and took them up on their very generous offer. And Nate's reaction on Christmas morning was priceless. I can't thank them enough for being so kind.

In another instance, I recently had a Partylite party through a good friend and was recounting to her about the first time I had a Partylite party with a different consultant, I ended up in "candle hell" because the orders were all goofed up from the warehouse and I had spent a great deal of time on the phone with my consultant straightening them all out (and the consultant did help a good deal on that - this is not dissing her). Anyway, we laughed a bit about that and then my friend said "well tell you what, when your orders show up this time, I'll come over and help you sort them. And I'll even help you deliver some of the orders if you'd like." Now of course, this is a dear friend and I know if I had just asked, she'd have done that anyway - but the fact that she offered I think is a very generous thing. It's not anything I expected and I appreciate it so much.

I could count many other things I am witness to that are gifts of generosity - both sets of our parents treating us to dinners out, coffee on Saturdays, my sister-in-law making me a scarf, all the things my dad does helping us with the house, my big "brother" treating me to a manicure in honor of no longer picking my fingers. The list actually could go on for awhile the more I really think about it.

Sometimes it is hard to see the good in humanity. But looking back over some of these things - sure some are simple - but just fact that I can find many examples of times people have been generous to me, shows that indeed, there is good in the world. I am amazingly blessed by all of these wonderful people and the generous things they do/have done for me. I am inspired by them.

Have you been witness to generosity in your world?

Be generous. I can dig it.


Gina said...

Helping you sort through the order is just automatic for me! I would do that for anyone who is having a showing through me and they have a LARGE order!

I do agree with that statement Mark shared with his daughter. It's so deep!

Jes said...

I'm so glad that you and Nate can go to the beer fest! You both will have such a wonderful time! <3 ya chicky!

simplicity said...

I love this post and that you've paused and found the importance in surrounding yourself with those that are generous (I'm also certain you're a pretty generous person as well...I remember someone sharing choc. chip cookies with me MANY lunches ago!!)