Happy Valentine's Day!

I wrote last year that we don't necessarily make a huge deal out of Valentine's Day because we don't feel we need a specific day to tell each other that we love each other - I love my husband every day, not just on Valentine's Day.

But we do still try to do a little something to make the day special - and we're going to do this year what we did last year. No gifts, just a nice dinner out for the two of us. And this year, we're trying someplace we have never been before - Erte in Northeast Minneapolis. I am excited about that. The downside, the only reservation I could get was for 5:30 - so we're actually going to meet there.

I joked, we could pretend we're meeting on a blind date - I could wear a red ribbon in my hair and Nate could bring a red rose. Ha ha. But despite arriving separately, I think we'll have a nice dinner. My parents just ate there a couple of days ago and have just been raving about it.

I'll be sure to report back and let everyone know what we thought of the restaurant. I'm guessing that after dinner we'll bring home dessert and crash on the couch with some of the TV shows we've been watching. Super exciting? Nope, but I wouldn't trade it for the world, it's my favorite thing to do with my favorite person in the world.

To all my readers, whether you're into the holiday or not - Happy Valentine's Day!

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simplicity said...

Erte is a fun restaurant and from the last time I was there, great food! Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Beth!!