Thursday Top Ten - Lasik edition

I haven't done a top ten list in awhile. So here you go - the top ten things I'm most excited about in getting Lasik:

1. No more dealing with smudged and dirty glasses - don't know about any of you who wear specs, but I can't stand it when my glasses get smudged and I can't clean them right away.

2. Being able to see the clock in the middle of the night without squinting.

3. Wearing whatever pair of sunglasses I feel like and not having to switch between sunglasses and regular glasses - and also buying cute cheap pairs. Already have my first pair and I can't wait to use them!

4. Being able to see what I'm doing in the shower or when taking a bath. Not that I have a huge problem this way, but it'll be nice to see the labels on shower gel/shampoo more easily.

5. Being able to see at the beach/swimming pool/water park with no problems - I told Nate we'll no longer be the "Half blind leading the blind" as we've joked about before. Now it'll be the sighted person leading the blind. Ha.

6. Not having to worry about getting my glasses adjusted if they get bumped - which has happened in really silly ways over the years.

7. Saving money in the long run over not having to buy new frames every couple of years or contacts every so many months - this is huge!!

8. More comfortable for laying on the couch and watching TV and if I fall asleep, no big deal.

9. My hair stylist won't have to cut my hair around where it would hit based on how my glasses sit on my face - she almost always has to have me put them on to finish my haircut. Not anymore.

10. Having the best vision I've had since I was a child. And working with a clinic dedicated to making sure I continue to have the best vision ever.

I'm pretty excited! Tomorrow is the big day - busy weekend ahead too, so not sure when I'll blog about the experience, but you can bet I'll be here to tell you all about it as soon as I can!

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Gina said...

LOVE IT!!! Good luck tomorrow, I know everything will be perfect!!!