Full serving of updates


It's been a crazy stretch here from having the Lasik to some things with Praise Project to the day to day craziness at work for both of us to daily things popping up at home both routine and not so routine to snowstorms interfering with things to just stuff in general.

In short? We've been busy lately. Not necessarily in a bad way. Just have a full plate and not much time to clean it off these days.

Some updates....

My eyes are healing well. I know I talked about it a bit in my Lasik recap post, but just wanted to touch on it again. I had many well wishes the day of the surgery and I appreciate that and thank everyone for that. Still dealing a little with dry eye and my night vision is not the best - I am getting the starbursts around lights and found I can't always see turn signals under headlights. It will improve over the next weeks though. Overall, it's going really well and I'm pleased.

I have only small complaints right now - One, it is hard to wash your face at night when you are not supposed to get water in your eyes. Two, I really have to think hard at times to not rub my eyes - can't do that for at least a month. Three, did you know when you put drops in your eyes it drains into your sinuses and then you can taste the bitterness of the antibiotic? Quite odd yes. Only taking those a couple of more days though. Seriously though, these three things are the only negatives and if that is it - well I'll take it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat because really, these things are so minimal, hardly worth complaining about.

So this next one is filed under the "not so routine" happenings at home - yesterday I went into my laundry room for something and noticed the floor was wet and the rug was damp down by our upright freezer. One of our kitties does have some potty issues, so at first I thought it was from her - but I got closer and could see, it was definitely water and it was definitely coming out of the freezer. I opened up the freezer and more water poured out and chunks of ice fell down. Not good. We think the motor died. It's old. It happens. Sadly, we had just gotten into really using it again, stocking up on meat and stuff. Fortunately, none of the meat was ruined. It was only just starting to thaw. At any rate, a bit of a mess to clean up and now we might go shopping for a new one. Weren't planning to use our taxes for that, but might be doing so now!

Life looks like it's slowing down a bit this weekend so I told Nate, he is taking all day Sunday to brew beer. Poor guy hasn't had a free moment to do that in weeks, months even. He's got his next kit all ready to go and we have an empty slot in the bar so I'm making him brew. Funny in a way! Maybe I'll see if my mom actually wants to decoupage while he does that - we haven't done so in a very, very long time.

I was so hopeful when the weather was getting nicer last week that we'd be able to start running soon. Snowstorm kind of dashed any hopes of that happening. I have the bug though, I am so ready to start again. I know we'll be kind of back at square one in terms of it, but I have the knowledge from last year's experience that I can do it. I can be a runner. And, even crazier, I want to be a runner! Never ever thought I'd say that! So, I am continuing to patiently await spring.

We're doing pretty good with our pledge to eat out/go out only once a week and to stop grocery shopping on Sundays. I still feel like we've gotten to go places and try things and it's been working out decently. And I don't mind shopping during the week on an evening. Yeah it can lead to some of our feeling crazy busy sometimes but I savor our Sundays now. We've been able to spend time with my in-laws, we've been able to go do fun things like visit the Science Museum. I look forward to my Sundays, even when we have church, we still have the entire afternoon and I love that.

So that's the good word from here. Might not look like/sound like that full of a plate, but it feels like it to me sometimes. But, I'm feeling pretty good. It's just our life and I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Gina said...

Pretty busy that's for sure! I hope you guys can find a new freezer for the right price!

Jes said...

Sorry about your freezer! Hopefully there will be some good sales, and hopefully spring is just around the corner so we can all get outside more again! :)