What do we watch?

So one of my favorite things about fall is that a majority of the TV shows we enjoy come back from summer hiatus. We had a fair amount of shows we watch that were new over the summer - Psych, Weeds, The Next Food Network Star, and Hung for example - but now some of those shows are over or wrapping up their seasons so the timing is good. We also just finished the entire series to date of Breaking Bad.

We are not tied to the TV and often watch the shows after they air - but we definitely have a list of favorites that we enjoy. It's quite a list:
Glee (me more than Nate of course)
House, MD
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory (moving to Thursdays - are they trying to kill this show?)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

See, quite a list! Add to that the fact that we've decided to put the first seasons of Mad Men, Nurse Jackie and Modern Family onto our Netflix queue along with making our way through the series so far of Californication and we have no excuse to EVER be bored. I predict we'll have enough evening entertainment to get us all the way to next summer, even when some of our current shows are in repeats periodically!

What are some of your favorite shows? Any new ones coming out anyone is excited about? I honestly don't know if there are any new shows that we'll get hooked on starting this year, I don't think we really need to add to our list!

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simplicity said...

I LOVE Parenthood.
And The Good Wife!
Those are the two I'm really looking forward to this fall.

Of course Grey's Anatomy and PRivate Practice too but they aren't as exciting as they used to be for me to watch!

happy Friday, Beth!