A few random things

Nothing terribly exciting going on in our little corner of the world, so instead, just a random thought/brief updates type post.

-You should always trust your instincts. We were intending to get up extra early today and go running before Nate had to be at work for an early morning meeting. We did set our alarm and woke up when it went off. I swore I heard thunder as we were slowly trying to make our way out of bed. I heard it again and turned on the TV to check the radar. It appeared to be quite a ways off yet, but the thunder wasn't convincing us so we decided to go back to bed. It was a good thing we did - it was pouring within 20 minutes, no way we would've made it back in time, we would have just barely left at that point after stretching and everything!

-I am so excited to have won a blog giveaway from my friend's blog! I now have a $60 gift card to spend at CSNstores online - which has EVERYTHING under the sun, so I don't think I'll have a hard time finding something fun to spend my winnings on! Thanks for the giveaway Samara!

-Sometimes things work out the way they are supposed to - we were supposed to have a church gig the day of our Oktoberfest party, which I was going to just try to make work since the party starts later, but now the gig is cancelled! So now I have the entire day that day to get ready! This makes feel a bit less stressed about the whole thing.

-Progress is being made on the bar that will hopefully be the highlight of said Oktoberfest. I am hoping they'll be moving the construction from my dad's garage to our house very soon in fact!

-Painting is nearly done as well - two doorways and the trim behind the couch is all that is left besides some touch up. Also plan to finish just the front of the outside of the house, not much is left there either. And then I can hang up my paint brushes for a long, long time.

And that is about it! We keep going one day at a time and it works well!

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Cyndy said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy...can't wait for Oktoberfest!