So close I can taste it

We are so unbelievably close to finishing project: Living Room. I am so excited.

Last night we took some big steps in moving around furniture. Some of the original plans I had laid out on here are not quite going to happen at the moment - but we still managed to get the basic layout I was thinking of and that makes me happy. When we can afford a new loveseat we'll get rid of one of the couches but for now, we made the floor plan work with both couches, which I thought was pretty impressive. We had to pull out just one of the end tables - but that isn't the end of the world right now. I have decided not to recover the chairs right now - we like the splash of color from the red against the new paint. I'm also holding off on the curtains a little longer - waiting to see if we'll replace the window now or in the spring. The old ones aren't fantastic, but for now they still serve their purpose.

It looks warm and homey, yet open. Still plenty of seating. When we finish the entire thing I'll try and post some pictures.

I have two doorways to paint now and that is it. I am so close to being totally done with this whole thing I can nearly taste it! I am slowly getting my house back! Hopefuly project: Bar will be done soon too and then we can work a little on project: Get Yard decent for Oktoberfest.

And then we will take the rest of the fall and winter off from projects!!!

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Gina said...

I love the way the living room looks! You've done an awesome job on painting it!!