Told ya we've been busy!

Seems we have been just here, there and everywhere lately! Just off another busy, but decent weekend.

Friday Nate and I got a night to ourselves and chose to try a new to us restaurant in White Bear Lake called Manitou Station. If I get around to it I'll review it in more detail on our food blog, but the abbreviated version is, it's an Irish themed restaurant with decent, but kind of spendy food. We were a little shocked by the bill, but it seems most places you go now you can't get away with a real low bill anymore. But anyway, we still had a nice time. Headed home and played some Wii games and watched TV.

Saturday I got up, had coffee with my mom, got a haircut and then came back to my house where my awesome mom helped me clean out and rearrange my closet and dressers. She used to always help me when I lived at home before I was married, and I've missed that in the last four years! She's got a good eye and can help me either breathe new life into some clothes by showing me outfit ideas or telling me - you never ever wear that, get rid of it! I now have two bags for Goodwill!

I cleaned the house, Nate and my dad putzed with the bar a bit, then Nate and I went to the homebrew store and then over to Gina and Steve's for Steve's birthday party. Had a nice time sitting on their patio eating some good food. Headed over to rehearsal after that, made it an early evening so we could get up early to drive to Mankato on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we got up, got our Caribou and headed down for my goddaughter Elsa's dedication in Mankato. She was very well behaved during the service. It turned out to be a pretty nice day and we were able to take some pictures outside.

After we got back up to the Cities we bought stain for the bar and went over to my parents for dinner and then Nate and my dad stained the bar with it's first coat. It's starting to look pretty awesome. I can't wait until they bring it over to start putting it together!

So very full, but pretty productive weekend. More of the same coming up for this week and next weekend. But, I don't mind so much - I kind of like it.


Gina said...

What a busy weekend! Glad that you were able to make it to our house on Saturday!

simplicity said...

Would your mom like to come to my house and help me with my wardrobe??!??! Sometimes it seems I keep the things I'll never wear again and too hastily get rid of the things I am wondering what I did with...
Sounds like a great weekend to me!

Mrs. Schrader said...

Thanks for waking up early and driving down, it was great to see you. Sorry we didn't get to talk more. I posted some pictures on google, if you have any great ones I would love to see them.