Thrifty Thursday - Shoes and a purse

I haven't forgotten my Thrifty Tuesday/Thursday blog posts, but haven't had any good finds to bring here lately! Today however I do! Two of my favorite things - a purse (are we surprised?) and some shoes!The purse is from one of my favorite shops - Lillian's Shoppe to be specific. They have a punch card deal which for an addict like me can be dangerous, but once you fill up said punch card (I won't admit to how much money you will have spent, but will say my mom helped and put her purchases towards this card too over the last year and a half we've been going there!) you can choose a free handbag up to $30. So, I picked up the gem you see above! It may be one of the most practical bags I own, it's pretty straightforward, lots of pockets and room. It's a good "everyday" purse. And it was free!

Next we have the shoes - now let me tell you, these are the deal of the year in my book. I went to Savers on Labor Day. Did you know on Labor Day it's like customary for thrift shops to make their entire stores be 50% off? I had no idea! So, I got the shoes you see here for...wait for it...$4.00. FOUR dollars. That is it. And let me tell you - I love these! They are comfortable and they go with everything!

The brand is Steve Madden which I've seen at DSW before and it appears their original price may be up in the $60s and $70s so it appears I got an incredible deal!

So, there you go! I haven't been shopping as much lately, can you believe I'm actually trying to watch my spending a little bit? But, I can never pass up a good deal so if I find anymore I'll be sure to bring them here!


Gina said...

I love the purse! The shoes are also cute! What a steal you got those for.

Cyndy said...

Gotta love shopping and finding good deals!