High and low

Well stick a fork in me I am done.

The living room is finished. There might be some touch up work at a later point - but for all intense and purposes it is DONE. And I am SO happy with how it turned out! We have artwork back up on the walls and everything and it looks like a home again instead of a work in progress. Pictures will be coming soon.

In other news, our neighbor's dogs kept us awake far too long last night. I don't know what is going on at this house - the owners appear to not be around lately, we think at least the guy is possibly sick or something and now the woman hasn't been around either and some other woman is staying there and she is horrible with these dogs. She lets them out and lets them bark after 10:00 at night. Normally it only happens once in the night but last night, she had them out five times between 9:30 and 12:30 am. Nate finally called the police at 12:30 but I don't know if anything happened and we finally gave up and shut the windows and actually turned on our air. How sad is that? Did I also mention this woman was on her phone half the time as well? We have a right to sleep with windows open when it's nice out and this is just ridiculous. I hope it improves soon.

So a high and a low for Tuesday I guess!

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Gina said...

Yay about finishing the painting!!! I bet it looks awesome with everything back up on the walls. Can't wait to see the pictures!