Watch out, it's getting personal

I had the best intentions of blogging about interesting things this week. I wanted to finish up my "summer job" series and write about a few other topics, but I just haven't been motivated to write those things.

Truth be told, I just haven't been up to blogging period. I like to keep this blog mostly positive, upbeat and light - because it really is a "friends and family" blog so I don't really get too deeply personal or negative or down and I don't really know why other than I guess I never want anyone reading to get worried about me when I'm not my usual perky self. So, when I get in a "mood" so to speak, sometimes it's easier to keep the blog quiet during those times.

I decided though, that it's time to allow myself to be more open, more candid and more honest. If I'm in a down mood or a bad mood or whatever, it is ok to say so. I'm human, I'm allowed to have a bad day every now and then. So here we go.

Right now, I am just a little overwhelmed and a little stressed. It's hard to believe summer is half over already. I feel like life is on fast-forward. I love our activities and the things we do, but sometimes it can lead to me feeling like I have no time to catch my breath and re-charge. We go on vacation at the end of the month for a week, and while I'm looking forward to it, I feel like there is so much to do before we go, it's really kind of snuck up on me.

I'm trying to plan for things in the future too - a month from now, a couple months from now, even six months from now - fun things too - but when I get to the kind of point that I'm at right now, I have a hard time even seeing past tomorrow.

I feel bad and that I've been nothing but cranky with those around me and I apologize to anyone who has possibly been a victim of my funk. I have a running joke with a friend of mine that when I get in this kind of mood, I just want to go home and be a "friggin hermit" and then somehow I came up with a character I call "Hermit the Frig". (He's Kermit the Frog's super crabby cousin if you didn't know). Lately I have just been feeling like Hermit the Frig.

So what do I do to help myself and make things better? Well, for starters, I have a full day tomorrow all to myself, Nate will be working on his car and I have nothing to do - and I will be keeping it that way. I just need that kind of day. It will help big time. Tonight I'm crazy busy and Sunday I'm crazy busy, but Saturday is just for me.

Secondly, I am figuring out that I just need to slow down a bit and maybe say no a little more if I need to. Last summer it took me getting super sick and knocked down for a week to figure that out. This year I won't let that happen again, so I'm glad I'm figuring this out now. This isn't to say that I am truly going to permanently become Hermit the Frig, but I just have to work on balance.

Thirdly, I love making lists - so I need to make lists for my upcoming vacation, once I do that and have a way of crossing off my needs and "to-do's" it makes the whole thing seem much less daunting!

Finally, allowing myself to just lay it all out here on my blog and what not has helped immensely. I will continue to blog without fear. Like I said, I'm human, I'm not without faults and you know what, there is nothing wrong with that!

I think things will be better from here!

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Gina said...

I'm sorry that you have been feeling like that! If you need any help in getting anything ready for your trip, let me know! Also if you need to de-stress and want the help of a puppy, I know of one who would LOVE to volunteer!!! Hugs!