This is more like it

Finally things are looking up!

Our air conditioner is all better. Apparently there were two "conductors" that were bad. The technician (who I think is a superhero - A/C Guy to the rescue!!) replaced both of them and ran a bunch of test cycles and had it all up and running in about an hour. It took a little bit to get the house cool again since it was so hot outside, but when we got up this morning it was finally down to a nice comfortable 71 degrees. Now that's what I'm talking about!

You could tell the cats were feeling much better too, Pippin was all full of spunk this morning before I left for work. What a relief.

The basement is getting much better too. The carpet is more or less dry, the air is a bit on the musty side yet yet, but we're hoping the dehumidifier will keep helping with that. And it doesn't appear that anymore water got in when the big storm came through yesterday, so the sealing work Nate did seems to have helped (even if it doesn't look terribly attractive at the moment, my house looks like it's oozing foam in spots! He needs to trim it back).

I'm slowly getting ready for the trip and now that these issues are resolved and better I think I'll be able to focus much more on preparations over the next couple of days.

Happy and content sigh.

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Gina said...

Yay!!! Glad to hear your air is working again!