Pleasant and Productive weekend

We accomplished a lot of good things this weekend.

First of all Nate and my dad worked a very long time on Saturday on the wiring in the basement - I tell you, every time they've done an electric job of some sort in our house they find more surprises and things done poorly. So of course it takes about twice as long whenever they work on things like this, but we want it done right so the extra time is worth it. After their hard work we now have our switches separated in a way that makes much more sense and we also put up different wall sconses - the ones that actually used to be in our living room! They look very nice on the wall down there! Now my dad has to come back and do a little work on the ceiling before he can install the new ceiling lights we bought - but we're getting closer on this project.

Nate also got some work done on the bathroom project. The tile is now back up and drying, he can add the grout after that and then seal her back up. I miss my bathtub, but the downstairs shower hasn't been all bad to use.

The biggest news of the weekend was that we finally finished our taxes (yeah I know, way to be last minute right?) and due to getting a nice sized refund and also because we're fed up with waking up with backaches (which were exceptionally bad for both of us yesterday)we went and picked out a new mattress yesterday! It will be delivered next Saturday and I can hardly wait. We also bought a new frame for the bed as well. Best part is they will haul away our old one, I am excited that we don't have to deal with the old one ourselves. Mostly, I'm looking forward to better nights of sleeping and not being so sore all the time, I'm too young for back problems like this!

We also got together with Nate's parents and sister and planned our trip to St. Louis this summer. I am really looking forward to it, we haven't seen this branch of the family since our wedding. And Ali mentioned that we haven't ever had a chance to go down there all five of us, so that will be nice too.

We still managed to get in a nice date night as well, had dinner at Donatelli's on Saturday evening and came home and watched a movie. I'm glad we had that time to relax.

This week I look forward to finishing the bathroom, getting a hair cut, starting my art class with my mom and getting our new bed next weekend! It is the little things sometimes!


Alexandra said...

What does your new bed look like?? Where did you guys go to buy it?

I may have found a couch set that I really want to buy. I'm really struggling with whether or not I want to buy it. (On the one hand, I want to save my money. On the other hand, I've been wanting new furniture forever, and the set is on super sale right now.) Gack!

Jes said...

Yay for having such a productive weekend!