A few updates

Man I just haven't been in "blogging mode" much lately! There isn't anything bad going on. There also isn't anything terribly exciting or good either though! Life is just life right now. And there's nothing wrong with that.

The new bed is awesome, but led me to figure out I needed a new pillow. I found one with good reviews for side sleepers and bought it, I'll be trying it out tonight. We'll see how it goes.

My art class is going well, we did paper making this week. Next week we'll do book binding and then we'll be done. I will post pictures of my projects when I get them all home next week. I'm so glad we took the class, it has been fun.

Lent is drawing to a close in the next week, hard to believe. Easter and Russian Easter strangely fall on the same day again this year, pretty rare to have that happen two years in a row. At any rate we're spending the day with Nate's family this year and catching up with my parents for dessert.

Nate finished the grout in the upstairs bathroom and it's been nice having that all back to normal. My dad has slowly been working on the basement ceiling and lights as he's had time. Once that project is done I'm not sure what we'll be working on next. With the weather hopefully starting to improve more I am hoping to get at some outdoor things pretty soon.

That's about all I can report on - as usual we're busy, but it's nothing new or out of the ordinary. But again, it's not all bad!

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