Music and art

I'm having fun reading all the comments on my previous post for "What is It" in the picture. I will not say yet if the responses received are correct or not, but so far everyone is guessing the same thing or idea. There's still plenty of time to guess, even if you want to weigh in with what the majority thinks so far!

Yesterday was the big Rock the Garden lineup announcement. I have seen responses so far that some folks are less than impressed with the lineup and I respect any and all opinions on that - but for me personally, I am geeking out with excitement over one of the artists that is coming - Neko Case. I have been a huge Neko Case fan for several years, ever since hearing "Hold On, Hold On" when it was used in a television show in 2006. Thanks to the magic of Pandora.com I discovered even more of of her music and just fell in love. If she's not your cup of tea, that's cool, but I absolutely adore and love her music. (you may recall from my Lasik post that I even chose her to listen to when I had my surgery - I find her voice soothing and relaxing) I am beyond thrilled to finally get to see her in concert and especially in this venue - chilling on the grass at the Walker with a beer in hand and listening to her mellow tones - lovely.

I will agree on some level that some of the other acts are questionable - Booker T, who is a legend yes, Nate is excited for that one, I could take or leave him, but I'll give him a chance. The headliner this year is My Morning Jacket whom I'm not super familiar with. I'll also give them a chance, but it is interesting I guess. Local group Tapes and Tapes rounds out the lineup and I have enjoyed the music I have heard of theirs so I believe they should be good live.

Anyway, I'm happy, I got my tickets after the website freaked out a bit yesterday and I am very much looking forward to the event. My summer is shaping up to be super musically fantastic.

In other news, we finished our three week art class last night. I'll post pictures soon of our little projects - although we had to leave our honey pots behind, they were having trouble getting the kiln hot enough and so it did funky things to the glaze. Our teacher said she could fire them again and it should fix them. So we can stop back at the park in a couple of weeks and pick them up. I was able to bring home my homemade paper and the cute book we made last night though!

I thoroughly enjoyed this little class, it was relaxed and informative and now that I've had a taste of the different types of art they teach at Silverwood I am hoping to take a class that focusses on one of them, such as pottery or book binding. It doesn't hurt that the park is super close to my house.

And I'll leave off with the depressing news that most MN people are already aware of - it totally snowed this morning. Super yuck! And of course, that meant we did not go running today. Not. Happy.

Happy spring?


Gina said...

That is awesome! Can't wait to see the projects. You will have to let me know if you take one of the classes at Silverwood.

Jes said...

Yay for Rock the Garden! I'm glad you had fun in your art class :)