Summer plans

I read a friend's blog earlier this week in which she listed their "Summer Bucket List" - all the things they want to do before the summer is over. It got me thinking about my own list. I too have many things I hope to accomplish this summer. Most of it is fun, though some of it involves some work too.

The fun stuff (cause it's more fun to start there, right?)
-Visit the Big Backyard at the Science Museum now that we are members
-Golf both with Nate and also my parents - we didn't go once last year and that makes me sad
-See the new Polar Bear Exhibit at the Como Zoo
-Eat at outdoor patios whenever possible
-Go on a Margarita or Beer Paddleboat ride on the Mississippi (the Paddleford boat company offers both of these options on Mondays and Wednesdays - how fun!)
-Go on a bike ride or two
-Visit the Elm Creek Park reserve man made beach (becoming a yearly tradition for me, I love it there!)
-Attend the Rock the Garden concert at the Walker in just over a week - I am so excited and hoping for good weather
-Visit the Farmers Markets (Minneapolis and Mill City)
-Make jam with my mother-in-law and pie with my mom (with Strawberries)
-Spend lots of time with friends as they are able (hint hint to my friends reading along!)
There's probably more I am forgetting right now.

The less than fun, but necessary things to do at home:
-Finish taking down two fence posts in the backyard, take out the posts for hanging laundry and also disassemble a planting area and then plant grass seed in all of those areas
-Clean out the planting areas along the deck in the back so we can actually maybe get plants in the ground this year
-General cleaning up of all areas of the yard
-Paint the front door of the house
-Possibly start painting other parts of the outside of the house
-Start my painting in the living room
-Put a light fixture above my shower and a fan in the bathroom (dad is going to help with this one)

So there you have it. I will check back in on September 1st and we'll see how things went!

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Jes said...

Yeay for fun summers!!