The Great American Pastime, also titled "In Which Beth complains about the weather"

Don't have all that much to share at the moment, so I'm going to do what is one of the great American pastimes - complain about the weather. Let's face it. It's been raining now off and on for several days. I'm to the point where I am considering building an ark.

In all seriousness I know we were in a drought and this rain has been very good for that - but it's putting a damper on my summer plans. It really is not fair that it's been raining alot on the weekends, Saturdays in particular. While I don't want to spend my Saturdays working on things at home, we also have alot of things that need to get done, especially outside.

The rain is also making it difficult for our running training program. We're supposed to do set amounts each day and it does not work well when you end up missing a day due to rain. We have reset the program by a week or two here or there (if we had not done that we would've completed it by now as it's a 12 week program and we're on our 14th week overall) but we would like to not have to do that if possible!

So, there you have it. While my flowers are beautiful and my yard is nice and green from all this rain, I'm ready for a stretch of nice, sunny, even semi-warmish type days. I am crossing my fingers that the forecast for this weekend holds - we have Rock the Garden on Saturday and it is outside and I'd like to not have to sit on the wet ground!

As I am posting this there is a hint of something bright coming out from behind those nasty clouds - I almost don't dare say it's the sun, but it's sort of nice to see. Maybe this time it will stick around. Here's hoping.

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Jes said...

My fingers are crossed for Saturday!