And I ran, I ran so far away

80's music fans will appreciate the title of this post. Oh Flock of Seagulls....

Anyway, just a brief update on Nate and I and our running. Today we hit our personal best so far, 22 minutes of uninterrupted running. This week we need to hit 25, which I believe we will on Thursday. Then we start pressing on to the ultimate goal of 30 minutes, which should also put us at the distance of a 5K total.

We should have already been to this point, but weather has set us back a bit a couple of times. It just can't be helped. Not our fault in the least. It's just been a bit of a rainy, soggy stretch over the last month or so.

Because of those set backs though, we were starting to get discouraged. We hadn't made it past 15 minutes and were beginning to feel like we never would get there. Then over the weekend we made it to 20. And today we made it to 22. And let me tell you, it's not our ultimate goal yet, but it feels darn good. More than good. Amazing. Accomplished.

I never would have dreamed in March when we started (and could barely run a full minute mind you) that we would get this far. But we have and I am proud. Proud of Nate and proud of myself. Such good feelings.


Jes said...

Yeay!!! Way to go! You both are doing so well with this! I'm proud :)

Gina said...

How awesome! Way to go! I bet you can't wait until you are up to 30 minutes of straight running. I know that you will be able to do it!

simplicity said...

Way to go! You guys should be in tip top shape to do a 5K this fall (how about it?!??) haha :)