Flashback Friday - Spring 1999

So as I stated last week, my Facebook friends have been enjoying some old pictures I've been scanning from high school and sharing with everyone. Something about being out of school for ten years brings on the nostalgia I guess! At any rate, I decided to post another one here for my blogging audience to enjoy as well.

Nate and I all dressed up for our junior year prom. I remember it was quite the big deal, since my mom never went to her prom she insisted I get the best dress (we actually got it at David'd Bridal) and she even let me get highlights in my hair for the first time ever (yes I was 17 and could make my own choices - but she paid for it). We got my shoes dyed to match the dress. It was a pretty darn big deal! We ate dinner at my parents house and our parents were nice and drove us to Calhoon Beach Club so we wouldn't have to deal with the parking. It was a gorgeous location for a prom.

The added bonus? I wore that dress again to a sorority formal at St. Kate's ironically during my junior year of college! Nate did not wear a tux that time though. Nice shirt and tie was more the attire that the dates wore to those events!

Ah, memories. :)

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