Out of the loop

Oh man am I starting to show my age here? Or am I just way out of the loop?

They mentioned in the news yesterday that traffic in our big city here last night might be a bit tricky due to a Twins game in the new stadium and the Justin Bieber concert at the Target Center.

They were going on and on about Bieber Fever. Bieber Fever? Who is this kid?

Ok, well I guess I know Justin Bieber is the new "IT" guy with the tween set - but I couldn't tell you anything else about him. I don't know what he sings. I just know that apparently he's insanely popular right now. I was having a discussion with my mom about it at lunch yesterday and I'm like "isn't he one of those Disney Channel kids?" To which my mom - MY MOM who is older than I am by quite a bit said "Oh no, not at all, he's just some kid that got popular after he put out a YouTube video."

My own mother is more in the entertainment know than I am!

I read People Magazine. I read EW online. I try to keep up, but I guess I am not doing as good of a job of that as I used to! I guess that is what happens when you no longer have cable television and your radio station of choice is very much "indie" based!


Jes said...

Lol! I love that your mom knew where he came from! All I know of Justin Bieber I learned from a Saturday Night Live sketch :)

Gina said...

That is too funny! I don't know anything really about him either and I get People and there was an article about him I guess. Apparetnly I didn't pay attention to it.

Julie said...

OMG! For the longest time I thought his last name was Beaver, as in Leave It To Beaver.

He's not that great of a singer and he wears his hat weird too.

I guess we all need to go out and buy Tiger Beat. Hahahahah!