Gettin' Crafty in 2010

So apparently this year is the year I get off my duff and do things with my hands. Ok, now get your minds out of the gutters - I mean create things, you know, artistically? I've not been much of a crafter in the past and have always been extremely jealous of those who are quite good at it. I'm kind of all thumbs when it comes to detailed work. Or maybe I just lack patience. At any rate, I'm aiming to change that!

So my two new crafty hobbies are crochet and decopage. Crochet was my decision to attempt, decopage was actually my mom's idea and I'm just along for the ride I guess! Either way, both things I hope will be things I can learn to do and hopefully do well as time goes along.

I started projects in both of these areas over the weekend. My very patient and awesome sister-in-law Ali is assisting me with my crochet and gave me the advice of just "diving in on making something." So I have started what is supposed to become a dishcloth. It's been a bit of a challenge, mostly in that you need to use cotton yarn for a dishcloth and cotton yarn is not the greatest for someone who's just learning! But it's good practice and it's not like I'm giving this to someone. I'd like to move on to a scarf next, although I'm going to guess winter will be over before I can finish one!

Then my mom and I dove into the world of decopage yesterday. The beauty of decopage is there is no right or wrong way to really do it and it's up to you to make the thing you're decopaging unique. We both picked out small boxes from Micheals and set to covering them with some artsy tissues and papers we'd picked up. For a first time attempt, I think what we each did looks pretty good. I'll have to take a picture and post it here. We're hoping to do plaques, picture frames and other decoration type things as time goes on. It is a little putzy and messy with glue and water, but I think it will be a fun new hobby to have.

So there you go, I'm discovering my creative side and it turns out I really do have one! I just have to poke it a bit more than I do with some of my other talents.


Gina said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!!! I love being crafty!

simplicity said...

Pictures, please?
And forgive me for being kind of dense, but what is decopage???

Jes said...

You are creative!! Good luck on the projects - I can't wait to see them!