It's Ok...

In Glamour magazine there's usually a one page article that starts it with "Hey It's Ok to..." and lists a bunch of things you shouldn't feel bad about if you have done or want to do or things like that. This post is sort of in the spirit of that. I haven't been having the greatest of weeks, which just happens sometimes as life ebbs and flows. So right now, as a little pick-me up, these are things I think are ok.

It's ok...

-That most nights this week I haven't done much beyond get dinner on the table and cleaned up before pretty much crashing in front of the TV for the entire evening.
-That there are piles of laundry not getting done in my laundry room at the moment. We both are managing to still have enough clean work clothes, underwear and socks, so I'd say we're in fine shape
-To be celebrating the fact that it's getting up into the 30's outside, in MN we have that right, it's a heat wave!
-To be secretly wishing (or in my case not so secretly wishing) American Idol would just die a fast death.
-To be excited for a birthday party for my aunt this weekend simply for the fact that it's a dinner at Jax Cafe if nothing else
-To feel guilty that I'm more vested in this Conan verses Leno stuff instead of the devestation in Haiti, I should really change my thinking on that one
-That I really just want to spend my entire paycheck from this week on Lush products (I am not going to just because I want to though)
-To allow myself a treat from Caribou tomorrow just because it's Friday
-That I kind of want Nate's car to just die so he can get a different one already, tonight he gets to replace break pads on it...
-That some of the Twitter feeds I follow (media type ones anyway) were listed on Wired's Top 150 Geekiest Twtter accounts, which leads me to the conclusion that I am a geek
-That Facebook and Twitter are an insane distraction for me and provide me with alot of entertainment

Whew. Kind of a long list. But hey, that's OK.


Gina said...

That's a really good list and a great idea actually. I'm sorry to hear you haven't had a really good week...if you need to talk at all you know where I am.

simplicity said...

Fun list Beth!! My favorite...the heat wave! So true for MN!

Jes said...

I love this post!!
I also agree with pretty much every one of them!
Here's to a new week that is hopefully much better! :)