My newest obsession/addiction

So it's time for me to blog about the new love in my life. No it's not coffee, no it's not a purse (although I did get myself a nice Coach as a Christmas gift and got a GREAT deal on it but we'll talk about that another day). It is related to bath products and skin care though!

LUSH Cosmetics. Oh my gosh, I am head over heels. My sister-in-law introduced me to it, a friend of hers had introduced her awhile back and I kept saying "oh I should give that a try, I should give that a try". Well over the holidays I finally did after I got a bath melt as a gift. Then I ended up on a little shopping spree at the store.

You can buy Lush products at select Macy's around the metro area. Unfortunately, it's only in Macy's that are not super close to me, but so it goes. They have a pretty awesome website too (www.lushusa.com).

The pros:

-They have really awesome bath products and I love baths. Bath bombs, bath melts, bubble bars and soaps - awesome. They all smell really good, leave my skin feeling amazing after a bath and really help me unwind and relax when I use them!

-Their skin care products seem to be really helping my face kind of clear up.

-All of their products are made with natural and organic ingrediants

-They will let you try samples of anything you'd like

-The smells and fragrances are amazing! My favorites are Olive Branch, Vanillary and Rock Star (yes there is a scent called Rock Star!)

The Cons:

-It's kind of a spendy habit!

That's the only real "con" I have found so far. I am trying to pace myself so I'm not broke! I must say I really do appreciate that they let you try samples though especially on the skin care related items. And if you go when they have good sales, it's totally worth it. The after holiday sale was crazy - buy one holiday related item, get two for free? TWO for FREE? Um, sign me up please!

Anyway, that's my newest obsession. Even Nate gets to get in on the action a little bit - his sister got a soap from there as a gift that is kind of a little masculine smelling so she gave it to him to try! Everyone is benefiting, he he!


simplicity said...

I find myself at Macy's a lot. No idea why! But I'll have to check out these next time I'm in! Sounds great!

Beth said...

They have Lush at the Ridgedale and Southdale Macy's and I guess a stand alone store at the MOA.