Thursday Top Ten: Halloween Costumes

In honor of it being October as of today (really? October 1st already? Where is the time going!! Fall slow down!) I am bringing you my top ten favorite Halloween costumes I've ever had. I figure, I'm 27 years old and have dressed up almost all 27 of those years, I have to have ten favorites right? I only wish I had pictures available that I could put online. I do not own a scanner, but my parents do. Hmm, stay tuned, maybe pictures will show up here later. Anyway, here we go!

10. Fairy - I have been a fairy twice in my life, once at my mom's doing when I was just under two years old and again as a 24 year old just married person! Both times, my mom made the skirt though in all due fairness. :) I actually chose a fairy right after we got married so I could wear my pretty sparkly headband from the wedding one more time! I did have pictures on my computer once upon a time and well, somehow I lost them! But it was a cute costume complete with fairy wand. As a two year old I looked like a pixie. It was freaking adorable.

9. Scarecrow - my mom and grandma worked hard on this costume and it really did turn out cute. I was a 2nd grader the year I wore this one. What I remember most is losing my hat somewhere throughout the night but my dad went and found it for me. Cause you know, dad's are awesome like that.

8. Bunny - I have been a bunny more times than I can count. I'm not kidding. I was just under a year old for my first Halloween and my mom gave me bunny ears and a little nose - too cute. I chose to be a pink bunny when I was four and five - same costume fit both years so why not? In pictures it's hilarious though, there are some taken indoors and I'm just this skinny little thing, but then you can tell it must have been cold that year because the outdoor pictures I'm all bulked up with a coat underneath. It's almost like bunny before fattening up for winter and then after!

7. Bunny with magician - Ok I separated this one, this was another time I was a bunny, but this time it went with something. The first year Nate and I were a couple we dressed up as a magician and his rabbit. I did this one very simply - white sweatshirt, white ears and tail. We had a harder time with Nate's costume - in fact, I don't think we ever did find a top hat! Still, it was fun to do something as a couple for the first time.

6. Raggedy Ann - I loved Raggedy Ann and Andy growing up, my grandma had the dolls and I just loved them. So I asked to be Raggedy Ann when I was a third grader. Mom and grandma again made my dress and apron. I believe I also had kickers. We found a red yarn wig and then my mom gave me rosy little cheeks and I was good to go. And it was cute. Added bonus, later that same year when I sang in our church show "The Wells Fargo Wagon" from the Music Man, my mom simply lengthened the dress a bit so it looked like it fit the time period so I got more use out of it!

5. Joker - I still dressed up in middle school, they had costume contests I remember, the best out of homeroom went to the cafeteria and then judged and picked from there. My joker costume was pretty good I thought, my mom found a good pattern and the best part was the hat. It included real live bells and everything. My mom also did my makeup and it was pretty cute as well. I was chosen from my homeroom for the contest, but I didn't win once I got to the cafeteria.

4. Butterfly - I was obsessed with all things butterfly my senior year of high school. I really do not know why. So I decided to be a butterfly for Halloween. It was not too hard to do, my mom helped me fashion some wings out of some old material and we sewed it to a black shirt in a way that when I opened my arms it looked like I was spreading my wings. I found a headband with antenna and was more or less good to go. Nate and I did not coordinate outfits that year - he was Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. It would've been funny for him to be like the cocoon or something though!

3. Luigi - I loved everything about this costume from just last year. Why? Because it was the easiest darn costume ever! And it was Nate's idea! He was Mario, I was Luigi from Super Mario Brothers the Nintendo game. There are pictures on this blog here. It was so simple - I already had overalls from other costume needs in the past. I had a green t-shirt. Nate made our hats. Ali gave me a mustache and we were good to go! We got alot of compliments too! It was fun. Although I still think I should've been Mario because Mario is shorter than Luigi. But still, I loved it!

2. Minnie Mouse - This is my favorite costume from my childhood. It turned out so well, my mom and cousin Cathy made this one. I had the perfect red and white polka dot dress, little yellow shoes and the headpiece was awesome. I really wish I could share a picture, it was an outstanding costume. I loved every minute of wearing it and used to play dress up with the dress until I was too big for it to fit anymore!

1. Rainbow Brite - This was my costume in 2007 and really it is the only one I put together all by myself, so I feel like I have bragging rights and that is why it goes at number one. And lookie here, I just happen to have a picture of this one! I'm just really proud of how it turned out. I took my anniversary edition Rainbow Brite doll and tried my best to match everything. I shopped thrift stores and party supply stores and pretty much put it all together without breaking the bank. And come on, you always wondered how I'd look as a blonde with long hair right?

So there you go! My 10 favorite Halloween costumes of all time! I don't know if I'll be dressing up this year or not, we'll see how things go. For now, the walk down memory lane was fun!

What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes from the past?


Jes said...

Love the list!! I remember quite a few of those costumes! Hehe!

Gina said...

Great list!!! I remember a lot of them as well. Always fun dressing up!

Alexandra said...

Nate always got to be Mario. *sigh* I always had to be Luigi when we played Mario Bros.