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I'm coming up blank in my blogging lately, it's not that we haven't had things going on, in fact, I was joking today that my life will probably not slow down until I'm like 64 or something. But anyway, I just don't have much new "news" to share or anything, so instead, just a few random musings for today.

So I swear there is a black hole I enter into whenever I get in the shower. I seriously feel like I'm in there for barely five minutes, yet I get out and 15 have gone by. It's really only been an issue since it's been colder in the mornings - it just feels too good to want to get out! But then I end up running behind in my morning. I haven't been late to work yet at least.

It's an exciting week to live in Minnesota - first the Vikings, then the Twins and the Wild. Pretty awesome I must say and I'm not even a huge sports buff. I'm most excited about the Twins I have to say. I like baseball alot at this time of year.

We have our Oktoberfest this weekend to give our friends another opportunity to sample Nate's beer. This is the debut of our kegged beer. It's pretty exciting. I am hearing rumors of cold and potential snow for this weekend but you know what, I'm just going to pretend that's not true.

After this weekend I think things calm down a bit for us again. We'll have some Praise Project gigs at a couple of churches and my cousin gets married in a couple of weeks but that's about it. I'm kind of glad, we have yet to go to the apple orchard, I like to visit a couple of wineries around this time of year if we're able, things like that. So I hope to achieve those things soon!

Nate and I are potentially planning a little getaway for our birthday. Probably just a weekend visit to Duluth, where we hope to do some beer sampling at the breweries up there and just get away together. We've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, so we decided maybe this should be our shared birthday present this year. We'll see how things go!

Our house continues to be in a phase of evolution I swear. We've now moved our fish tank to the basement, moved the old bar out to the garage and moved around some other small pieces of furniture. We're hoping to sell the bar - in fact we have several items we'd like to sell, I may be posting here about a "online" garage sale before we do Craigslist or Ebay. So stay tuned for that.

That's it for today. The sun is shining and that makes me happy. Make it a great day!

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Jes said...

I can't wait for Oktoberfest! Snow, or cold, or not, it will be fun!