A blur

Lately life has been sort of passing us in a blur. We've been just so insanely busy. I find myself more and more wishing time would just slow down a little bit. I have been enjoying most of what we've been busy with, don't get me wrong. But I do feel like I need some time to breathe a little.

We just came off of another pretty packed weekend. Friday night we had our Praise Project rehearsal, which I love. I don't think of it as one of those things I "have to do" each week, it's something I look forward to and is a good release for me.

Saturday however was another story all together. We had a wedding on my side for one of my cousins. I was the wedding singer, so we had to arrive early because of that. Then we had the actual wedding and then the reception. Made for a long day for sure. But at the same time it kind of flew by.

Yesterday we had nothing planned, but ended up doing a few things anyway. I had apples from our visit to the apple orchard last week, so I went to my parents house and my mom and I made a pie for Nate. Well ok, it's for me to eat too, but Nate hasn't gotten any pie yet this year, so it was specially made for him. By the time we finished that it was time for me to grocery shop and then after that we grabbed dinner and the day was gone again!

Looking ahead to this week my days are filling up already as well. It's just the nature of the beast sometimes. If I knew how to say "no" a little better, it wouldn't be quite so bad.

I really do sound like I'm just complaining today. I do apologize. It's just one of those Monday things I guess! Can't always be bright and cheery, though I really do try!

Exciting things coming up for this blog in November. I discovered on a friend's blog that November is a special month for blogging, so I'm going to be attempting to post something everyday along with her. We'll see how it goes, I'm excited for the challenge of it anyway!

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Gina said...

I completely understand what you mean about being busy! It seems like just when I feel like things are settling down, it ends up being the complete opposite! At least the majority of the things you were doing are fun ones!