Thursday Top Ten: Favorite Places to Shop

I am a shopholic. I can admit it. I am not going to lie. I try my best to keep the addiction under control, especially in the stretch of the year we're heading into - November is my birthday month so I do not shop for myself and then of course Christmas comes in December and I certainly shop alot for others, but again, not for myself. So, in the spirit of the fact that I must start watching my habits exceptionally close soon, here are my favorite places to shop that I just might have to avoid for awhile (unless I'm buying someone else a gift.)

10. Lillian's/Fun Sisters - Tie - Both of these are purse shoppes that are only open once a month. The atmosphere at these places is so fun. I enjoy going with my mom. The purses are reasonably priced considering they are "designer inspired". I have also managed to find cute earrings and necklaces at each place too. What I especially love about Lillians is their punch card program - once you spend $200 you get a free purse! What's not to love?

9. American Eagle Outfitters - I really only go here when I can get things on sale. Yes it may be geared towards an audience that is slightly younger than me, but it's not as bad as say, Hollister. I like the hoodies, sweaters, dresses and jeans here. But again, it's spendy, so I try to wait for sales!

8. Aeropostale - Again, maybe this store is getting too young for me, but it's alot of similar items to American Eagle, and I really do like the jeans, hoodies and pajamas. And the prices are very reasonable!

7. Bath and Body Works - I am addicted to things that smell good! I love shower gels, lotions and body sprays in an assortment of scents. I kind of like changing my scent each day. Maybe it's a sickness, I don't know. I'm very excited about the new "Twilight Woods" smell!

6. Kohls - This store is great for the simple fact that it seems they ALWAYS are having a sale. Always. You just can't beat a good sale! Added bonus is I can usually get Nate to find clothes for himself here as well, so it's a good place for us both to go.

5. Old Navy - I have had a love, hate relationship with Old Navy over the years. I attribute this to the fact that they change trends frequently. Right now I am more in the love relationship again. The styles are mostly classic, simple. And again, the sales can't be beat when you can find the deals! I have had some luck in finding clothes for Nate here as well.

4. DSW - Shoes! What more can I say! What woman doesn't love a good pair of shoes? At discounted prices from department stores? Enough said right there!

3. JcPenney - Another great place for both Nate and I. We both manage to find nice clothes for work here and they have great sales throughout the year as well. I just went to the buy one, get one for $.88 sale. That's practically buy one, get one free!

2. Clothes Mentor - This is my newest obsession. It's a consignment style shop selling pretty well name labels for very cheap! And I have managed to find things that were practically brand new. My latest finds - an Ann Taylor skirt for $15, a pair of Ann Taylor pants for $20 and a Coach purse, that's right, I said Coach for $40! Honestly, I don't care if a little cleaning is necessary when you get home, the deals are too good to miss. The stores are clean and do not smell like thrift shops. I highly recommend to any working woman. They have plus sizes and maternity clothes as well. And selling to them is easy too. Why not get some cash for the stuff you don't wear right?

1. Target - who doesn't love Target? One stop shop for everything. Makeup, groceries, shoes, clothes, music, movies, just STUFF. I never go in and come out empty handed. A trip for one thing often turns into a purchase of three things. It's pretty dangerous really. But, there is something to be said for consistency. It's always there, always offering low prices. I love Target.

So there you go! Can you see why I need Shop-o-holics Anonymous??

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Gina said...

Love the list! I agree with most of the stores on the list except for Aero. I can't wear their clothes...completely agree on the list though...I LOVE shopping too.