Some Tuesday Thoughts

It was another whirlwind weekend. Another Praise Project gig, another friend's birthday party and a baby shower took up most of the weekend. Somewhere in there I managed to go for an outdoor run though and we had a chance to veg and watch a movie, so it wasn't all hectic.

Today I'm finally having my car worked on. I am not excited about the grand total of repair cost, but I'm not going to complain. It could always be worse - got an email today that one of our Praise Project friends had a fire in their home. Thankfully her whole family is ok and most of the house is still ok, but still, what a glaring reminder that things could always be worse.

Tomorrow begins Lent and while I don't always do the "give something up" thing, I'm attempting it this year - I'm going to go on another shopping ban for one. I had joked about it a bit but after hearing what I have to pay for my car, well, it just makes sense. Then I'm joining my mom and trying hard to give up complaining. Life is too short to be negative all the time, especially when we're surrounded by so many negative things at times.

It'll be a battle, but we'll go one day at a time and see how it goes.


Jes said...

Good luck with your "giving up" for Lent! Those are two things more of us should do...

Gina said...

Good luck on those two things that you are giving up for Lent. I'm doing the no complaining thing after we talked. If I do complain about something I have to put a quarter in our baby piggy bank.