It's Ok Thursday

I've done these lists before, totally stolen from Glamour Magazine's "Hey It's Ok" list. I just felt like I needed to give myself permission to not feel guilty today, so here are my things that I'm saying are totally cool for today.

Today I think It's Ok....

1. That the most exercise I will get today is going up and down the stairs at work a few times because I chose to sleep in instead of getting up to work out.
2. That sometimes I choose two pieces of cinnamon toast and hot chocolate for lunch instead of something else more "lunchy" or even more "healthy".
3. That sometimes I wish I would get in a non-injury related accident so I can collect insurance money and buy a new car instead of making the needed repairs on my current one.
4. That my music selections as of late have been songs I enjoyed when I was a pre-teen and teenager, but that I would not go back to that time for anything.
5. That I'm excited for the Super Bowl this weekend for anything other than the game itself, but instead the commericals, the halftime show, eating tasty appetizers, drinking beer and spending quality time with my in-laws. It's our tradition and I wouldn't change it for the world.
6. That the only football game I'll even have seen this season is the Super Bowl itself.
7. That my current favorite purse I keep going back to is not flashy or fancy but is a simple black leather bag bought at a vintage shop.
8. That I get more excited to go vintage shopping right now than I do any other kind of shopping.
9. That I have all sorts of exciting plans in the works for my house that I haven't gotten around to starting yet and call this time "the dream phase."
10. That I chose to write this list partly because it would be a time waster.

There. It's so cathartic sometimes to do that! What are you giving yourself permission to feel ok about?

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Jes said...

I love your list!!