Sunshine and roses

I'm back to sunshine and roses today! Ok, maybe not literally, but I am feeling better today. Yesterday was just a blah, dull day. We all have them.

Reason number one today is already better - I found out that because Fairview met it's patient satisfaction goal for 2011, all employees are getting a bonus check. And even better, the amount of the check is about half of the cost of the repairs on my car! Um, score!! Happy surprise!

Reason number two today is better - I am wearing a sweater with yellow stripes, how can you not be happy wearing yellow stripes?

Reason number three today is better - Nate is making dinner so I can more or less crash when I get home if I want!

Reason number four today is better - there is only one more day until the weekend where the only thing we HAVE to do is Mass on Saturday and the rest of the weekend is ours for what we choose

Reason number five today is better - It's payday!

So there you go, five reasons I'm in a much better mood. I will continue these positive vibes into my weekend!


simplicity said...

All good things. Way to go with the bonus in time for the car repairs! :) Enjoy your evening, Beth!

Gina said...

I agree! All good things! Exciting to hear about the bonus and that it will help with your car repairs! Happy day!

Jes said...

Yay!! :)

AVY said...

Yay for yellow stripes!

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