Fabulous Friday - a return!

I can't promise that I'll be doing this on a weekly basis again, but I felt like doing a Fabulous Friday today. Here is what I'm finding fabulous this week!

1. The Butcher Block - it was spendy but it was so worth it. Best dinner out for Valentine's Day ever! I'd go back just for the rigatoni in truffle sauce. Yes you heard me right. Truffle sauce. Everything else we had was fantastic too, but man. That rigatoni. Drool....

2. Muppets Bandaids - I heard awhile back that Band-Aid brand was going to have Muppets Bandaids, probably to go along with the movie, available at Target. Big Muppet Nerd me really wanted to have them, but Target did not have them. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto them at Cub of all places. Yep, the box ended up in my cart without any other thought. Is it wrong that I want to be clumsier so I have an excuse to use them?

3. My new kitchen pantry thingy from Ikea - I still need to take pictures, but I am in love with this stupid pantry. I think I'm changing my tune on my feelings towards the Ikea.

4. Pinterest - it's stupid addictive for list-making junkies like me. Enough said.

5. The weather - yeah I know, it's not normal and maybe it's global warming and we should be more concerned, but I am really loving the fact that it's been so easy to deal with the weather as of late. Still cold enough for a sweater each day, but no need for a super heavy coat and driving has been a breeze.

There you go! What are you finding fabulous today?

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Jes said...

Welcome to the world of Ikea ;)