Twas five days till Christmas

And I'm nearly ready. I have things left to do - but I am trying to keep faith they will get done. I've been staying on a pretty even keel save for two moments - one minor meltdown last week and one kind of snapping at Nate type incident barely worth mentioning. I think if those are the only "stress" moments I have this year then I'm doing pretty good!

All of my shopping is done save for a few trinkets to add on if I have time to get them. And I really should - there are five days this week in which stores are open (thanks to my mother for reminding me of this fact) and sure they might be busy, but I can always stop for a few minutes if I have time and grab the items I feel I might be missing.

The wrapping - my least favorite part - is going to consume me a bit this week, but you know what, I have a handful of unwatched Christmas movie/specials left, so pop one of those in and go nuts I suppose!

Baking is done, trays are put together and distributed. The cookies are awesome I must say. And tasty.

There will be cleaning and preparations for my big meal on Friday, but I feel if I take a little bit each day, then it will all get done on time.

Of course, I'm neglecting to mention this small thing called "Nate has a bad cold" - but he stayed home today to hopefully rest tons and get healthy. Good thing too with another snowstorm coming here, I need him to be strong to help me shovel!

The other downer is his bar currently isn't working - the second CO2 regulator went bad - which means beer does not come out of the taps. So, he needs to fix that when he has time/or is up to it. If we have beer for his family on Christmas Eve, great, if not, I have wine. Lots and lots of wine!

I realized today too I let my music Mondays fall by the wayside...maybe I'll start up again after the holidays. I will mention, one of my other most favorite Christmas songs ever is the Canon Carol by Trans Siberia Orchestra - I'm sure most of you have heard it, it gets plenty of airplay this time of year. The first time I remember hearing it was the year I was getting married and it just made me think of weddings so much because of it being set to Pachabel's Canon in D and that is what I walked down the aisle to.

So, here we go, twas five days till Christmas and for now, all is well.

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