Music Monday - Silent Night

Yes Silent Night is a classic Christmas carol/hymn. Yes I know you've all heard it before. But, have you ever heard this version?

Priscilla Ahn's treatment of this beautiful tune is haunting, goes just a little deeper and almost stirs a bit of melancholy. But it is lovely. It can be found on a CD called "The Hotel Cafe Presents: Winter Songs" which just might be my favorite Christmas CD ever.

As it's a very cold, slightly snowy morning, this song just suits my mood today, so I bring it here for Music Monday.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvjdfFYXYPU


Julie said...

Wow. It's beautiful!
I might have to go out and try to find this CD. Thanks Beth.

Gina said...

Oh that is beautiful! I LOVE Christmas music.

Jes said...

Such a lovely version of that son!