All I want for Christmas...

...Is for this guy to feel better!

Nate on a warm day at the Happy Gnome last summer

Yes he is probably not the only one in the world with a bad cold right now, but for him to be home for a second day in a row and heading to the doctor to get checked out, you know he's feeling pretty lousy. So, right now, I don't really care about anything else but getting my favorite person in the entire world healthy. Cause Christmas won't be fun otherwise.

So Santa, if you're reading, that's all we want right now! We've been good little children this year!


Gina said...

I hope he starts feeling better soon! The crap that's going around isn't any fun-my cough is still lingering although it's almost gone now.

Cyndy said...

I stayed home from work and have a horrible sinus infection. Hopefully he feels pretty soon...especially if the doctor gives him a prescription.