Time is flying

It feels like I blinked and half of the month of May is gone already. Actually, a little more than half the month of May at this point. I guess waiting for death and then all the events that take place when a loved one passes away will make time fly by or something!

But, things have more or less returned to normal at this point. I was extremely lazy over the weekend, but I think it was needed. Not much on my list got done other than Nate brewing some beer! I'm excited about it though, he has not brewed in a long time and the beer he chose is a clone of one of my favorite beers ever - Surly Furious.

This week I'm slowly getting ready for our upcoming vacation. I am getting very giddy and excited about this trip. We both need a long, relaxing week away from everything. 2010 has not been the worst year ever so far, but it also hasn't been the best so I think it will be good to recharge our batteries and come back ready to make a fresh start. And I do believe we have the potential to have a great summer and remainder of the year.

Quite frankly if time wanted to slow down just a little bit, I don't think I'd complain about that too much right now!


Gina said...

I know what you mean...May is almost over with! Where did it go? I also hope that the rest of the year is a great one. You have a great time on vacation!!!

Jes said...

I'm definitely ready for summer time to slow down a bit! I'm excited that you and Nate have this great vacation coming. Enjoy it!!! Also, I'm really looking forward to that beer Nate is brewing too! :)