Has anyone else been missing the sun? Seriously, what a long, dreary, rainy week! Though it was probably appropriate while we grieved my grandmother's passing - today's appearance of the sun I feel is her telling us it's ok to get on with our lives. I know that is what she'd want.

I plan to take huge advantage of this weekend's sun and get my car washed and cleaned up even if it's not the one we're taking on our trip. Nate is going to brew beer this weekend. I kind of wished I'd planned a bonfire for this weekend as I talked about a couple of months ago, but sadly I did not. Hopefully soon though! I also hope we get some work done in the yard.

Or, I might just bask in the sun out on my glider on the deck with a book and iced coffee and just soak it all in. Who knows!

Spreading sunshine to all of you as well!

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Gina said...

After seeing your title of your blog, I have a song in my head. "Sunshine, on my shoulders makes me happy." And that is exactly what I feel like today...happy! Enjoy your weekend my dear!