Frankly my deer, I don't give a darn

Nope, I did not misspell anything in the title of this post - it'll all make sense if you read on.

So Nate and I have returned from a lovely week long trip to Itasca State Park. We had not been up there since honeymooning there four years ago, so when we talked about it a couple of months ago and checked into it, we found a suite was available and jumped at the opportunity to take a week and go.

It was a great trip despite starting off with a bang...literally.

We headed up on a Sunday afternoon and got up in relatively good time. Checked ourselves in and got the pleasant surprise that it was still considered the "off" season, so we would be able to get our room for a cheaper rate. The downside is that the lodge was going to be closed all week, so we decided that because we had a mini kitchen, we would go get some food in town and just cook breakfasts if nothing else.

Into town we went and had dinner, stopped at a grocery store and started heading back. We driving along Hwy 71 between Park Rapids and the park when we see off to the side by a house (not even a wooded area) a deer. The first thing we both said was "oh look a deer" the next thing we both said was "Expletive, a deer!" as we sadly hit it. Hard. There was no time, nothing Nate could've done to miss it. I am shocked the air bags did not deploy. He pulled over and got out to look and I saw more naughty language spewing from his mouth and I knew then it must not be good. But amazingly the car was still running and appeared to have no problems aside from the structural damage. So we drove back to the park.

When we got there and I got out and saw it - well I cried. It looks pretty bad, the whole grill is gone and the hood of the car is bent and you can't even open it right now. And did I mention this is Nate's new car? The one he bought just two weeks ago?

We went inside and talked about it and since the car still starts up and was easily driveable, we decided not to let it ruin our week. We have insurance and he will take it to the body shop and see what can be done on Tuesday. At that moment, there was nothing else we really could do, so we chose to make the most of our situation. And we did!

We fished, hiked, jogged, boated, saw the Headwaters, ate dinners at fun places, cooked alot of breakfasts, rested, played games, made smores, drank good wine and beer and enjoyed each other's company. It was alot of fun.

So, no deer could ruin our good time! I am nervous about what the body shop and insurance company will say tomorrow, but, we'll deal with it as it comes. For now, I'm enjoying one last nice day away from work and the day to day things that we deal with - though I am looking forward to getting back into that routine as well.

Smiling despite it all!


Jes said...

OH NO!!!! Thank God you are both ok! Cars can be fixed. My fingers are crossed that the insurance takes care of it all. If there is anything we can do to help, let us know! I'm glad you had a good vacation anyway! <3 you both!

Gina said...

Bummer about hitting the deer, but like Jes said, it's a good thing you are both ok. Hope you get good news at from the insurance company and the body shop. Glad that you two did enjoy yourselves!! (I'm glad you're back!!)

Mrs. Schrader said...

I too am glad you are okay and would like to believe that the deer is also okay. Glad you were able to still enjoy your well deserved vacation.