So we're about to embark on another extended weekend getaway.  It's our annual cabin trip with Praise Project and I'm really looking forward to it.  For once it sounds like we should have outstanding weather.  I suppose that is the difference by going one month earlier than normal!

Next week will be another short one so we can go to the Minnesota State Fair.

But then that's it.  No more time off save for a few doctor's appointments and holidays until the baby comes.  It's almost a little surreal.

It also brings to the forefront just how much I still need to get done.  Especially knowing we're past the halfway point now.

We have registered for our classes and I even got myself pre-registered at the hospital for the delivery - so those are big things that are done.

But we need to complete a registry.  We need to finish cleaning up that room.  I really want to de-clutter the house some more because Lord knows I won't want to do it after he arrives!

And there are other things looming - installing a window, repainting a wall in our living room, planning and throwing Oktoberfest....

I want to make sure too that Nate and I are taking time for the two of us as much as possible while we still can.  We were doing a pretty good job earlier this summer, but we're falling off a little bit as other things have been getting in the way.  Much of it has been good.  But I just don't want to get to December and wish we'd done more.

So, that's where we are.  I think this weekend will be good.  I think we need a little time to re-energize and just kind of forget about the other things right now.  And then we'll be more focused and ready to take it on when we get back.  It'll be on like Donkey Kong.

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