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So at long last, this weekend we are FINALLY replacing our front window.  This project has been in the works for almost three years.  THREE years.  I know, why did it take so long?

It all started when we painted the living room in 2010.  When we got to the portion under the window, we noticed some water damage and realized - crap, these windows leak.  It makes sense, they're old, and while that pop out style is cute, they just don't seal well.  They've always been rather drafty.

 For that moment, we just cleaned the wall mess up as best as we could, painted and left it alone.  We had bigger fish to fry in finishing the bar and other things that year and it kind of was forgotten for a little bit.  The winter that followed was a doozy as I'm sure many remember, but we sealed up the window with plastic and have done so each winter since, so that has helped minimize further damage.

2011 was just a bad year over all, hot in the summer, stressful at work and we just didn't take on any home projects.  And then I don't know what our problem was last year either, but it just didn't get done.  Maybe because of the sheer curtains I just kept ignoring that there was an issue because you really couldn't see it.  Or maybe we were just lazy.  It's probably the latter.

This winter we finally started talking about replacing it again when I started noticing more water leaking in more than just the one spot when I put up the Christmas tree.  I realized this was the year it just needed to happen.  So, my dad helped us take measurements and shop around a bit over the winter and into the spring, and in July we finally ordered a nice picture window with two double hung side windows that was delivered to us in the beginning of this month.  Then we just needed to find a free weekend to do the install - hah, free weekend?  What's that?

Seriously, this coming weekend was the first stretch with nothing going on we had so we jumped on it.  It's going to be hot, but it's going to get done.  No excuses.  Nate, my dad, my father-in-law and two very good family friends will be doing all of the work bright and early Saturday morning.  Old window out, new window in.  Best case scenario, everything goes well and they're done with the big work by early afternoon.  Worst case scenario...well, my dad has some back up plans, let's just say that.  But I'm staying optimistic this will go well.

In preparation, Nate and my dad took down some of the drywall around the window inside the house.  This stuff will be replaced and sadly I will have to paint again - but at least I still have a couple of gallons of the paint left from that 2010 project!  We will also put up new curtains - or maybe blinds - and the room will look completely different.  I am so excited for modern windows.  The cats will be able to sit in the windows and look outside too, they're going to love it.

I am really looking forward to the whole thing just being DONE too.  It's kind of all consuming.  My husband, God love him, can only really focus on one project at a time - so I'm glad this will be over so we can get back to this other big project - you know, planning for baby's arrival?  One day at a time, we will get there!

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Gina said...

I can't wait to see the completed window! How exciting!!!