July Recap

July recap already?  Really?  Whoa.  This month really flew by.  Between vacation and garage sales and baby things and just man.  Anyway, here's my monthly recap - at least what I can remember of it.  My preggo brain is starting to kick in a bit!

Books Read:
Eternally 21 by Linda Joffe Hull
Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
Family Ties by Danielle Steel
(I read fluff in the summer, can't help it)

Movies watched at home:
The Burt Livingstone Incredible
The Thin Man
Donnie Darko
Warm Bodies
Movie 43
10 Years

Movies watched in the theatre:
Uh yeah, what's that again?

On TV:
Under the Dome
So You Think You Can Dance
Hollywood Game Night

Restaurants visited:
True Thai
La Casita
Tasty Pizza
West Forty Cafe (in Itasca)
Rocky's Pizza House (in Itasca)
Bar La Grassa

Bought a sweatshirt in Itasca for me, bought a t-shirt and a onesie at Itasca for the baby, bought our first baby item - an infant seat/swing combo, bought a couple of more maternity items because I'm weak and can't resist sales, bought supplies for the garage sale, ordered the front window that will be replaced very soon

Other adventures worth noting:
Spent four days in Itasca State Park with Nate's family, golfed both up there and once down here, cleaned stuff out for our garage sale.  Did the mini golf at the Walker Art Center, very fun.  Experimented with our cooking now that we're receiving CSA goodies once a week.  Visited the St. Paul Farmers Market as well.

Baby stuff (new category I thought I'd start entering): currently 20 weeks and four days, baby is the size of either a banana or cantaloupe depending on what app you use, we found out he is a HE, he is doing well, I'm still not feeling much movement thanks to an anterior placenta, we've bought a couple of things (see above), slowly starting registries and talking baby showers.

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Gina said...

Wow!! You have had a busy month that's for sure! I have a feeling that time is going to start flying by for you!! And I'm so excited!