Delayed holiday letdown

Whew.  I have spent most of the beginning of 2013 in a fog.  I was gifted with a lovely headcold of the stuffy nose and ears variety, so I have been feeling pretty groggy and foggy.  Heh, that rhymes.  Anyway, I'm starting to come out of that fog and am just now kind of coming to the reality that the Holidays are over.

I know, where have I been?  It's already January 8th, of course the holidays are over.  But like I said.  Head cold fog.  I kind of went through the motions of taking down my Christmas stuff without really even thinking about it on New Years Day, which maybe was a good thing, because it wasn't as depressing in that moment, but I think I'm getting a little case of delayed holiday let down now.  I'm not depressed, but it does sort of feel like, oh...it's over now.  Bummer.

I used to have a harder time at the end of the holiday season because I was the girl who really, REALLY loved Christmas.  But in recent years I have had more of a love/hate relationship with Christmas.  I mostly still like it, but it's not my favorite holiday as I've been an adult.  But this year we had a nice peaceful holiday season, so as I'm coming to that realization that it's over, I am finding I'm a bit more melancholy about it than I have been in recent years.  It won't last though.  There will be other things to occupy my time and life will just be life.  Right now though, I'm looking back and saying, like I do many years "how did that fly by so fast?  Can we go back and do it again?"

Oh well.  On we go.

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