December Review

Yes I know I posted a "2012" recap, but this is something a little different.  I saw on another blog a monthly recap - movies watched, books read, etc and I thought, I like this idea, it'll give me a way to keep track of some of those things.  So starting in 2013 here I'll do this at the end of each month.  So here we go.

December in Review

Books read:
Divergent by Veronica Roth

Movies watched at home:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (be prepared to see me list a lot of these this year, going to watch them all)
Home Alone
The Goonies
O Brother Where Art Thou

Movies watched in the theatre:
None sadly

Brunch at Hell's Kitchen for Christmas Eve
Newly refurbished Cossettas in St. Paul

On TV:
Still working through The Soprano's
A Young Doctor's Notebook (from UK)
All of our other usual shows - HIMYM, Big Bang, It's Always Sunny, Parenthood, Glee, Revolution, 2 Broke Girls
Continuing to catch up on Modern Family and Parks and Recreation

Como Zoo

Thrift shopping after Christmas - new coat, purse, sweater and jeans
Jeans and sparkle top from Target


Melissa Blake said...

Ahhh, Home Alone is one of my favorite Christmas movies ever!! Happy new year! xoxo

Gina said...

What a neat idea to do a monthly cap of what you did. December was an awesome month! Happy New Year!

Northern Style Exposure said...

I love parenthood and its always sunny in phil.

moonsweetie said...

I really like this idea!