Couch swapping

Ok, so cute kittens aside, in the photo below is a couch in my house I hate.  I have always hated it, though when we first got it, Nate was living in his apartment and the couch he had prior to this one was worse - so we just went with it.  Especially because it was free.99.

It made it's way to our house and lived in our basement for awhile until we rearranged the living room upstairs and needed more seating.  It was always my intention that we would replace it at some point because I really do not like it.  The back is too low, the cushions pop out anytime anyone sits on it - even tiny skinny people - and the floral pattern just leaves something to be desired.  But seeing as we still have big home projects (some of which we are starting this spring, yay!) that need more of our attention and money, new furniture hasn't been high on the list.

Well, my generous wonderful in-laws are replacing the set they have in their family room and had long ago promised it to Nate if they ever did - so, we'll soon be the proud owners of a new to us couch and love seat in far better condition than the stuff we have.  And the set will even look nice in our living room.  I cannot wait.

Bye bye you awful junky couch.  But kitties, you stay.  You'll love the new stuff, I promise.


Gina said...

Yay!!! That is SO exciting! I can't wait to see the new furniture!

moonsweetie said...

I adore your new couches! They fit in your living room perfectly!